Wealthy Ape Social Club

7,777 wealthy apes living in The Wealthy Towers as ERC-721 NFTs.
We are sold out!

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What is WASC?

Wealthy Ape Social Club (WASC) is the NFT collection of 7,777 next-generation wealthy apes living in the Wealthy Towers.

◽ Stealth Launch
◽ First 500 will be FREE to mint
◽ Mint price: 0.05 ETH
◽ OGs will receive the minting link 10 minutes earlier
◽ Make sure you have notifications on for Twitter

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Roadmap Updates - Apartments Launch - May 11th

Starting May 11th @ 3PM UTC, you will be able to mint our second collection, Wealthy Towers Apartments, exclusively with $WEALTH. There are 3 types of apartments: Studio, Standard, Penthouse - up to 7777 apartments can ever be minted. These will be randomly minted for 12000 $WEALTH for each apartment.

We will be introducing a staking mechanism in our ecosystem: you will be able to stake your Wealthy Ape Social Club NFT and in return earn our utility token $WEALTH! The staked apes will generate $WEALTH based on their reputation trait: Whale, Fudder, Hodler, Flipper and Shiller. $WEALTH will be the utility token of The Wealthy Towers and will allow you to flex in our social club. (1 $WEALTH = 1 $WEALTH)


Fixed total supply of 3,570,000,000 $WEALTH


Initially there will be two main utilities provided for the $WEALTH token, with more added down the road. The first thing that you'll be able to purchase with $WEALTH for your ape is... an apartment in The Wealthy Towers! We'll have more types of apartments, even penthouses if you want to splurge. Our aim for the second utility is to develop a Whitelist Marketplace, where people can use $WEALTH to purchase Whitelist Spots in hot upcoming projects.


The community will always come first for our project. That means, owning a Wealthy Ape Social Club NFT goes far beyond simply owning a valuable piece of digital artwork. We will be working tirelessly with our community towards building a place where our club can grow, sharing knowledge, spreading good vibes and leaving wealth for future generations.

Phase [ 1 ]

To properly develop the Wealthy Ape Social Club, first we will make our drop as successful as possible. Having our social media platforms at a high aesthetic standard will provide the proper foundation to build on. Once we are convinced the project meets our quality standards and the technical parts are on point, we will announce the sale.

PHASE [ 2 ]

In order to continue the hype after we launch, we'll take the marketing strategies to the next level. The goal is to attract more quality members to the club, get to know each other, constantly grow our community and get wealthy together.

PHASE [ 3 ]

The WASC holders will benefit from endless privileges by being part of our alpha group: early calls, numerous giveaways, whitelist spots for hot upcoming collections and priority for our future collections. You'll learn from the smartest in the NFT space and enjoy being a Wealthy Ape.

PHASE [ 4 ]

The Wealthy Towers will open its doors to our holders and together we start our journey into the Metaverse. The WASC holders will play a huge role in this phase and will be guided by the Board Members. Who knows what else we're gonna find inside?


Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 150+ unique traits across different categories. There is also a special category called "Reputation", giving you one of the 5 Board Members' roles.




I'm Moonlighter, the fire starter - My first love was basketball, my second love were sales, my third love was marketing and I'm currently married to NFTs. Always looking for opportunities to grow.


I'm Trappy, been in the NFT sphere for a while. I love digital art and digital goods. I eat chocolate like there's no tomorrow.


Building the future of education, gaming & web3 at the same time. NFT degen. Life is good!


I’m a venture capitalist, worked with small businesses, physical sales were my forte. Turned into a believer back in 2017, surfed the DeFi wave and in the present I'm a middle aged NFT crackhead enthusiast.


Pure passion for digital art. Started drawing in kindergarten, can’t stop, won’t stop. Also love traveling and photography whenever possible.


I enjoy listening to Today's Top Hits on Spotify, binge-watching TV series and attending art galleries. I'm also obsessed with kart racing. Dabbled in NFTs for the past few months so let's see where this takes me.

Frequently Asked Questions

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